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How do I book?
Booking on Tourbee is easy! see how it works.Enter the name of the hotel or the region in which you’d like to stay, in the search field on the website, and click on Search. You can apply the available filters to narrow your search, or simply call our travel advisors for help
How do I know my booking is confirmed?
Once you have confirmed your booking, you will receive an e-mail with the details of your booking, including your booking reference. After you have received this e-mail, the booking is 100% confirmed and the room is yours! If you need to change your booking, contact our travel advisors.
Is booking on Tourbee secure?
Absolutely! We offer two options for payments, depending on the individual hotel. If you choose “Pay Now”, you make a secure online transaction between you and Tourbee. We never send your credit card details to the hotel. If you choose “Pay Later” at the hotel, then you pay the hotel directly when you arrive – no need to share any card details online whatsoever.
How do I cancel my booking through
Easy!If you have an account: Simply log in to your account on Go to My Account (on the top right hand corner of the page), then click My Bookings and follow directions.If you don’t have an account: Go to “Manage my bookings” (on the top right hand corner of the page). Enter your booking number and last name and click on Go.Select the booking you would like to cancel. Fill in the required fields and click on “Cancel the booking”.You can also simply call our travel advisors and one of our representatives will be happy to help you out.Remember that hotels have specific cancellation policies which are described in the hotel page. Make sure to view these policies when making a booking.
How can I modify my booking?
To modify your booking, please contact our travel advisors who will take care of this for you.
Can I make a booking without a credit card?
Most hotels offer the “Pay at hotel” option. Wherever you see this option, you can make the reservation on and pay only when you check-in at the hotel, where you can pay by cash or card. You can see what form of payment the hotel accepts in “Payment”, under the “Conditions” section on the hotel details page.
How can I see how much the hotel room costs?
Once you’ve entered the dates of your stay, rates will be clearly shown next to each hotel and available room types.
What does the price include?
The price shown on the website is the total price you pay for your accommodation. If a hotel ever asks you to pay hidden charges in the form of credit card fees, taxes etc., call our travel advisors right away. Unless clearly stated on your booking, the price does not include drinks, activities etc. Meals are included according to the type of board offered in your booking (bed only: no meals, bed and breakfast: breakfast is included, half board: two meals are included, full board: all meals are included).
Are the rates on cheaper than that at the hotel front desk?
We always try to get the best rates available from the hotels for your convenience. We however cannot guarantee that the rates you get from will always be lower than the hotel rates.
How do I get an airport pick-up?
Most of the hotels offer an airport pickup service. This is usually listed as part of the facilities on the hotel description. In the event they do not offer this service, we provide alternatives for you. Call our travel advisors to find out more.

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