Kundol Lake Kalam Swat

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Kundol Lake Kalam Swat

Kundol Lake otherwise called Kundol Dand, is a lake in Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, which is situated in the north of Utror valley at a separation of 19 km far from Kalam. Additionally, there is a surely understood tale about the lake which is that consistently in a month, a brilliant dish shows up in the focal point of the lake and shimmers like moon yet nobody has ever touched that dish because of otherworldly powers inside it. Kundol Lake lies in the lap of Hindu Kush mountains at a rise of (9,950 ft), in the north of Utror, enveloped by snow clad mountains and towering trees. Correspondingly, the trail to the lake from Ladu is anything but difficult to take after as an extensive stream streams down from the lake, which converges with River Swat in Kalam valley. It leads next to the stream and takes you to the lake. In transit, rich green backwoods, beautiful spots and spouting waterfalls welcome ones to the area. The mountains around the lake are secured by a thick cover of vegetation that improves the magnificence of the lake in particular. The edges of kundol lake serve as the campground amid the mid-year season for the trekkers. Kundol lake is nourished by liquefying icy masses and springs of the Mount Hindu Kush. It offers to ascend to Utror Khwar, the real right tributary of the Swat River. Kundol Lake is available just amid the mid-year; amid the winter, the streets are shut because of substantial snowfall. It can be gotten to by unmetalled street from Kalam up to Utror in a four-wheel car where a connection street closes in a green valley called Ladu in the foothills of the mountain. Prior, jeeps used to go till a higher town called Ladu yet now an extension and jeep track is wrecked because of surges and rains so add up to trek time has expanded from 3-4 hrs to 6-8 hrs till the lake. There are additionally little refreshment cottages in Ladu valley where one can take tea and get something for eating. From Ladu, it takes very nearly four to six hours to achieve the lake. The mountains around this little valley are secured with tall cedar and pine trees. You may be Interested in...

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