5 Reasons To Visit Gujranwala

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5 Reasons To Visit Gujranwala

Often the smaller cities are sidelined and are not given the same importance as the big ones. This is the case in every country. However, these small cities are just as important and more beautiful as the big ones. With the natural touch still there, and the scenic beauty not affected by the over-enthusiastic developmental procedures, the sky is clear as the pollution level stays low. Same is the case with Gujranwala. With cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad overshadowing, cities like Gujranwala are not on the top of the list for anyone who is not a resident of the city. Where this a downside for the city, Gujranwala is safe from most of the industrial activities and pollution that seem to have taken over the big cities. The natural beauty remains safe and has a distinct charm that one has to experience. Here are five of the many reasons you should visit Gujranwala: Wrestling: All of us, males and females; have seen WWE for the most part of our childhood, and some even now (mostly males) follow the championships that still takes place. Gujranwala is a city famous for its wrestlers. The traditional wrestling that takes place on the muddy ground, the city runs hand in hand with wrestling. There are many championships that take place and many wrestlers have made a name and showed their strength in these championships. Agricultural market: Due to having access to rails and roads, the city has benefitted a lot, ensuring that it is linked to all major provincial cities like Peshawar and Lahore. With these, it provides the tourists and the locals to visit the market getting freshly produced products. It is famous for melons and grains and sugarcane. Shopping areas: Gujranwala is one of the best city for shopping. From the modern shopping malls and centers to the traditional bazaars, from Pace; a shopping mall inaugurated in 2007 to satellite model town to Butta plaza and Rail Bazaar, Gujranwala offers you everything from deeply embedded cultural things to branded products. A dream come true to shopaholics Hangouts: Gujranwala is full of places where youngsters, adults can hang out and amuse themselves. From the business point where major business activities take place and major businesses exist, to Boat point which is an ideal place for vacation and picnic- by the riverside. A gaming point where gamers can prove their potential and make it a profession. They have libraries that are full of traditional history books. Food spots: All Punjabis are food lovers. With the Kulchas and the Paya and the Murg Cholay, Gujranwala has all the hot food spots that one can desire. From the Ghani k Paya to Shabazz ka Tikka to the famous Biryani express, everything is “finger licking good”. All these major food spots along with the famous food street, it all accounts for one of the reasons why people should actually visit Gujranwala. Travelling comes as a leisure activity, where one should try and experience new things rather than repeating their trips/behaviors. Mark your calendar and schedule a trip to Gujranwala, to experience what the small city has in store for us. Tourbee Pakistan can help you book the best hotel in Gujranwala and make your trip a rather memorable one. Related Article(s)

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